Whenever you upload data on a web hosting server, it will take a certain amount of storage space on the hard disk drive dependent on its particular overall size. If you manage a script-driven site which saves its information in a database, it will take more disk space, the more people work with it. For instance, in the event that you have a message board, the more opinions people leave, the bigger the database will be. Emails, in particular ones having attachments, also take some space in the site hosting account. The disk space quota that you will get with any website hosting provider is the full amount of information you could have at any moment, and it consists of web site files, emails as well as databases. Likewise, a computer has a hard disk and the software programs installed on it along with all documents and / or music files that you create or download take some space, which cannot exceed the overall capacity of the hard drive.
Disk Space in Website Hosting
We've created our Linux website hosting plans with the notion that the hard disk storage shouldn't be a problem for your websites. While many hosting suppliers create accounts using a single server, and in fact, the most common Control Panels were made to run solely on this kind of platform, we have applied an alternative solution. We have clusters of servers that take care of each aspect of the hosting service, which means that your files will be stored on a single cluster, your email on another one,your databases on a third one, etcetera. Using this cloud platform we accomplish a few things - the hdd space is actually limitless due to the fact that we can easily install as many servers and hard disks to the clusters as needed, and we improve the effectiveness of every single machine due to the fact that just one type of processes will operate on it. This tailor-made setup will enable you to improve your web sites as you see fit without worrying about not having enough hdd space.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you acquire a semi-dedicated server package from us, you do not need to concern yourself with the hard disk space that you can use for the simple reason that this attribute is unrestricted. Unlike many other website hosting companies that advertise a similar service, yet create accounts on just a single machine where a limited number of hard drives can be fitted, we work with an innovative cloud system which uses groups of servers. All your files will be located on one cluster, the e-mails on a separate one, the databases on a third one etc. This type of system provides 2 important advantages - first, the hdd storage will not ever finish since we can install extra servers to each cluster that requires them, and second, the servers will work much more efficiently because they will control only one kind of system processes. A semi-dedicated server package provides you the opportunity to expand your sites as much as you want.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
All of our Linux VPS servers provide a great amount of hdd space so as to meet all your requirements but not limit the development of your sites. Of course, in order for you to operate just a single resource-consuming website or a number of smaller ones, you will need extra power as a whole, which means that the better the VPS package, the more hdd storage you'll get. Shifting between the different plans is very simple and the extra space will be included in your existing account without transferring any data or stopping/restarting the server, so in case you reach the space restriction of your present plan, you can upgrade with just a few clicks in your billing panel. As we supply several hosting Control Panels for our virtual private servers, you have two options for the disk space control - with Hepsia, all the sites share the overall server storage space, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you're able to set up distinct accounts for the domain names and set up a quota for every single account.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
With all the disk space that we supply with all of our Linux dedicated servers, we warrant that you can run any kind of site irrespective of its overall size. You'll receive at least 500 GB storage, that you're able to use the way you see fit - even for private file storage. As standard, you'll have 2 separate hard disks, that can be employed independently, so as to make use of their full capacity, or they can be used in RAID and one will be a copy the second one in real time to make sure that you'll not lose crucial data in the event of a hardware failure. You'll also be given the opportunity to add more hard disks to increase the full hard disk space for your use even further. This will allow you to make a file or image depository portal without any problems if you would like. When using the cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting Control Panels that we offer, you can easily set up an independent account for each and every domain that you host on your server and pre-set a quota for the storage it'll be allowed to use. If you go for the third choice, our in-house made Hepsia Control Panel, all of your domains will be operated from a single and they'll share the total server hard disk storage.