We supply you with a convenient to use Databases Manager, bundled inside our Web Hosting Control Panel, from where you could generate completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases instantly. In addition, you’re able to control all of their adjustments with the instant access presented to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software instruments.

A Convenient to use User interface

The most efficient database control interface

Database management may seem like a difficult task to newbie cloud hosting clients, nevertheless with StudioPlus’s Databases Manager, it’s in fact relatively easy! To set up a completely new database, you simply need to enter in your username and password. Database backups are only a mouse click away as well.Those who desire to look into their databases and then edit them can make use of the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

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Fast Database Back up

Back up your databases in just a minute

We’ve made the manual database backup generation into a quite simple activity. To execute that: inside the Databases Manager, click the ’clock’ image near the database that you would like to back up and after that hang on for a couple of seconds for the process to take place. Depending on the size of the database, the building of a backup file will require somewhere between a few seconds and a minute.

You may make as many copies per database as you desire. We haven’t fixed any boundaries about the quantity of databases that you can back up either.

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Support for PgSQL

Assured safety for your databases

PgSQL databases are significantly less popular in comparison to the prevalent MySQL databases. However, they represent a favored selection for developers who are looking for the greatest protection for their sites and web apps. Through the intuitive Databases Manager built into the StudioPlus Control Panel, you can control your PostgreSQL databases with a mouse click.

You are going to find PgSQL databases integrated by default inside the best Linux website hosting plans packages. Assuming that you are with a regular hosting package, it’s possible to request PgSQL databases to be added in your cloud hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The new face of MySQL

We have installed InnoDB – the new standard MySQL database engine on all of our machines. InnoDB is perfect for large database sites that demand high overall performance and scalability. Tests indicate that sites applying InnoDB based tables reach a 3–fold effectiveness grow for significant joins, in comparison with those applying MyISAM tables.

InnoDB takes advantage of row–level locking in order to be able to take away the overall performance issues observed at the peak consumption times of the previous variant of the database engine – MyISAM, which employs table–level locking.

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Detailed Database Stats

Precise statistics for your databases

Checking the load generated by the databases for your powerful website will help you avoid any kind of overload troubles that can slow it down and chase away site visitors. Therefore, we have built–in a in depth Database Stats tool within the Web Hosting Control Panel. There you can find detailed information on the incoming requests to your databases for every single hour, day and month.

Using the volume of daily and per hour queries, you’ll be able to find out which databases are utilized the most and take measures to optimize their load.

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